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Bank of Redfield, SD

About Us

Heartland State Bank is proud to be your locally owned Independent Community Bank.
We have convenient banking locations in Wessington, Tulare, Highmore and Redfield.

There are many advantages to banking at Heartland State Bank as an Independent Community Bank. Heartland State Bank is a full-service bank that focuses attention on the needs of local families, businesses, and farmers. Heartland State Bank, like other community banks, channels most of their loans to the neighborhoods where our depositors live and work, helping to keep our local communities vibrant and growing.

Heartland State Bank strongly supports the communities that our bank services. We’re committed to assisting our local governmental agencies, schools, special school programs, churches, senior citizen centers, and charity benefits for local people in need.

Involvement in community services means a great deal to our Bank employees. Most of our staff has memberships in numerous service organizations and some have gone into public service as mayor, city council member or school board member. Whether it’s coaching or mentoring the young, serving as volunteer firefighters or response rescue squad members or spending time at a nursing home or hospital, members of our Bank staff love to help people.



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